Kilian Heuss
Wie benutze ich den DeCreaser richtig?


It is very easy to use the DeCreaser,but there are a few key points that you have to keep in mind, so that the comfort with the insoles is not neglected. The sequence of steps: Remove the insole if the sneaker allows, so that the DeCreaser has more space for insertion Now slide the DeCreaser to the very end of the sneaker and make sure it doesn't buckle on either side Now insert the insole back into the sneaker and check whether the DeCreaser sits down to the last millimeter at the end, because your feet need enough space in...

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Lauritz Hillmann
Tipps und Tricks zur Sneaker-Pflege.

Tips and Tricks for Shoe care

There are two things you can never have enough of - good friends and good sneakers. That's why we've prepared a little manual for you, with a few useful tips and tricks on how to take proper care of your new sneaker, so that your friendship lasts forever.Before wearing the shoe for the first time, we recommend to spray it with 2-3 layers of impregnation spray to protect the shoe from wetness. The next impregnation will then depend on the weather and the intensity of wearing.Even shoes need time to rest! We recommend not to wear the same shoe every...

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Lauritz Hillmann
Wie bekommt man die Knicke eigentlich raus?

How do you actually get the creases out?

In this blog we will explain step by step how to get the annoying kinks out of your sneakers. So to all of you who have asked yourselves this question, this is for you! Everything you need for this we have listed here:Socks or old fabric shredsa small clothan ironhot water Step 1: Stuff your shoes with socks or pieces of fabric until the creases are no longer visible and the shoe does not move when you press on it.Step 2: Soak the small towel in hot water and press it out so that it is moistened.Step 3: Lay the...

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