Wie benutze ich den DeCreaser richtig?


It is very easy to use the DeCreaser,but there are a few key points that you have to keep in mind, so that the comfort with the insoles is not neglected.

The sequence of steps:

  1. Remove the insole if the sneaker allows, so that the DeCreaser has more space for insertion
  2. Now slide the DeCreaser to the very end of the sneaker and make sure it doesn't buckle on either side
  3. Now insert the insole back into the sneaker and check whether the DeCreaser sits down to the last millimeter at the end, because your feet need enough space in the sneaker.


Now it's time to run the sneaker in with the new mobile shoe tensioner. This may vary depending on the sneaker and usually amounts to a time of 30-60 minutes. If walking in the initial phase is still a bit unpleasant, don't give up immediately - even the DeCreaser needs his time to get used to the new environment. As soon as the DeCreaser has adapted to the sneaker, it not only stops pressing, but also the walking becomes much more pleasant. Once you've done everything right, it can also make you forget that the DeCreaser is in the shoe.

It is highly recommended to leave the DeCreaser in place even during the resting phase of the sneaker, so that wrinkle avoidance is still guaranteed.


Each foot is different! Sometimes you have to put your hand up and reach for scissors. This allows you to crop and reduce the DeCreaser to match the fit of the sneaker. Especially for this purpose, the DeCreaser has grooves for orientation.

If all is of no use, we offer the possibility to return the DeCreaser to us for a refund. In addition, we are always reachable in our email support as well as in our Instagram direct messages!