Wie bekommt man die Knicke eigentlich raus?

How do you actually get the creases out?

In this blog we will explain step by step how to get the annoying kinks out of your sneakers. So to all of you who have asked yourselves this question, this is for you!

Everything you need for this we have listed here:

  • Socks or old fabric shreds
  • a small cloth
  • an iron
  • hot water

Step 1: Stuff your shoes with socks or pieces of fabric until the creases are no longer visible and the shoe does not move when you press on it.

Step 2: Soak the small towel in hot water and press it out so that it is moistened.

Step 3: Lay the towel on the folds.

Step 4: Iron the cloth with a lot of force and make sure you keep lifting the iron so that your shoe does not melt! Depending on how deep the creases are, the longer it takes to remove them.

So that the lazy ones among you can also get their shoes back in shape, we have prepared a YouTube tutorial here.