About Us

About us

We've all been there when you buy new sneakers, and they just look fresh&crispy for the first few days, and then suddenly the creases start to appear; they look worn out after the first use. After becoming victims ourselves, we decided to tackle the problem, which led us to found the company Mr.DeCrease.

Our goal is to keep all types of shoes in the open air for a long period of time. When using our Mr.DeCrease wrinkle protection, the toe box of your sneakers will no longer crease when the wrinkle protection is inside the shoe. Developed from a custom-made plastic gel, it is 100% comfortable inside the shoe, so you can move freely without being bothered by the fact that your shoes are damaged.

The Mr.DeCrease Team

At Mr.DeCrease the ethics of the craft is supported by a large number of people. Right from the start, our marketing team proposes an idea, which is then passed on to our talented designers, whose creativity transforms the idea into a single conceptual image. This image then becomes the basis for a manufacturing process that begins with a more detailed design and the creation of paper samples. At this point it becomes a manual that describes exactly what kind of product it is to be and the steps to take to achieve it. All details of the following items are described in detail in this document.

The solid core of an executive is the one who has to deal with the many problems and challenges that arise along the way to transform the designers' line drawings and conceptual images into the final and finished form of the product. Tirelessly, often through repeated experiments, they overcome obstacles - no matter how high they are - and take responsibility for the final result. It is their spirit of challenge and innovation that makes Mr.DeCrease so successful.