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We bring you the DeCrease Master PLUS, the newest product from the original Mr.DeCrease.

It was tried to bring the Comfort of our DeCreaser to a new level and by a new higher quality material and a Gel layer on the inside we could achieve this.

The gel layer in the DeCreaser provides a stable and comfortable feel. In addition, the new material guarantees a more robust and durable product, while still having the Flexibility of the original DeCrease Master. The improved DeCreaser are still designed to protect your shoes and prevent wrinkles and creases, but now with improved comfort.


Why do I need DeCreasers?

Brave, stylish, unique.   Your shoes say a lot about   you.  

Just like any other Sneaker lover, we were and are annoyed to regularly spend huge sums on new sneakers, we already have in the majority in the closet, just because they buckle after a few weeks, if not   days.

We have found the simple solution to the complex problem...

Air Force, Air Jordans & Co.?

Whether Air Force 1's, Air Jordan 1's or even winter boots, our sneaker protectors protect almost any shoe.

Get a longer-lasting, fresh out-of-the-box look.

Designed for high comfort, our DeCrease Master PLUS with revolutionary gel pad protects your sneakers from wrinkles and also guarantees even more comfortable wear.. The so-called Shoe Shields can be easily inserted into your shoe and protect the toebox from the inside. This stops wrinkles and forming creases when walking.

Simply insert our DeCreaser into your Sneakers to make them a   comfortable barrier between your feet and the upper part of the toebox.

In a Nutshell:

Flexible: Protects the toebox from wrinkles while you can move freely in your sneakers.

Comfortable: With the help of the gel pad, the DeCreaser does not press anywhere on the foot and does not become uncomfortable.

Breathable: The unique shape and ventilation holes make your shoes just as breathable as they were originally.

Durable: After wearing 100 times, the shoe still looks fresh and new. Up to two years of protection against buckling.

Portability: Slide the DeCreasers in and move as you like without even feeling the beginning of discomfort.

Adaptable: The DeCreaser fits into almost every shoe, such as Air Force 1, Air Jordan's, Alexander McQueens, Air Max 90 and many more.

What your package contains:

  • 2 DeCrease Master PLUS (1 for the right shoe & 1 for the left shoe).
  • 1 Instructions for the correct application & use of the DeCreaser.


(This product is excluded from all discounts and promotions, and is only available as a Pre-Order for customers from Germany)