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We launch the new Sponger PRO.
The nature-friendly alternative to toxic cleaning methods.
Sustainable, because no cleaning agent is needed and because the stain eraser is Made in Germany and is not sent around half the world - this saves CO2.

May we introduce?

Whether at home or on the go, the Sponger PRO is always there and accompanies you and your shoes through everyday life.
With its small dimensions, it fits in any bag, whether handbag or trouser pocket!

Simply moisten the sponge with water and clean the soiled surfaces. - Eas&lean.

Why the Sponger PRO?

The new Sponger PRO is an innovative sustainable cleaning variant for your sneakers. Completely CO2 neutral and harmless, as you like it!

In cooperation with Cleaneroo, we are launching the first sustainable sneaker cleaning sponge produced in Germany!

In a nutshell:

For which surfaces?

The Sponger is no problem for any surface or place on your sneaker, whether toebox or sole!

Made in Germany?

absolute! In cooperation with Cleaneroo, one of the most sustainable companies in Germany, the Sponger PRO is produced in Delmenhorst.


The stain eraser is made of skin-friendly melamine foam and is therefore non-toxic, nature-friendly, non-flammable and also a worry-maker for allergy sufferers!


What your recycled package contains:

  • 4x Sponger PRO stain eraser
  • 1x Instructions for the correct application


(This product is excluded from all discounts and promotions, as well as available as pre-order only for customers from Germany)