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Sponger PRO

The bundle of 4 for the perfect sneaker care

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€4,90 EUR

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Material: skin-friendly melamine foam (white) Dimensions per sponge: 90 x 60 x 24 mm Weight: approx. 2 g per sponge The Cleaneroo stain eraser dissolves during use (consumable).

For the whole sneaker

Both the leather and the sole and laces can be cleaned with the Sponger PRO.

100% Sustainable

Sustainable because no cleaning product is needed and because the stain eraser is Made in Germany and is not sent halfway around the world - which saves CO2.

Made in Germany

The Sponger PRO comes from the north of Germany and is therefore completely Made in Germany!

Cleaning without chemicals

Simply wet the sponge with water and clean the dirty surfaces. - Easy & Clean.

Sustainable packaging

The little blue planet is important to us too! That's why our motto is: One packaging & One packaging. And that's exactly how it is.

Small Message

"I've always been looking for a no-compromise way to wear my sneakers without any kinks. So I just did it myself."

- Lauritz

Founder of Mr.DeCrease